We are natural

The respect for the experience, the contact with the materials and the artisan technique take us to make up the mattresses of the Natura serie entirely in a natural way. This way, we achieve an elaborated rest with the highest quality


We have selected those first quality natural materials, entirely manufactured in the European Union, with which we reach the ideal properties for a great rest.

  • Jute

    Jute is a natural fibre, biodegradable and recyclable which is extracted from the tropical plant of the same name. It is characterized by its insulating and antistatic properties, its low thermal conductivity and its moderate moisture retention, as well as its high breathability.

  • Cotton

    Cotton is a vegetable natural fibre that stands out as a thermal regulator, which also evacuates moisture. For that reason is an ideal material for the summer face.

  • Latex

    Latex is a natural material that comes from the rubber tree. It resists at the change of the environmental conditions, what makes that the sleeper temperature remains uniform. Its adaptability and flexibility help to transform the mattress into a perfect anatomical support.

  • Linen

    Linen fibre comes from the stalk of the plant with the same name. It is able to absorb up to 20% of water without acquiring a damp touch. It has a high resistance for breakage. Its main feature is the freshness sensation that is easily explained because this fibre is a good heat conductive.

  • Wool

    Wool is a natural fibre that is obtained from the sheeps or goats through the shearing. It is a material that stands out for maintaining the natural heat. For that reason is ideal for the winter face. In addition it is very resistant and elastic and presents a great resistant to bacteria and fungi as well.

  • Nanospring

    Nanospring is a small pocket spring that provides a high dynamic adaptability acording to the sleeper movements. This first layer of nanosprings accompanies to our body, adjusting perfectly with it and relieving the pressure areas.

  • Microspring

    Pocket microsprings are smaller than common springs, with a thinner diameter that translates into more number of springs and higher adaptability and comfort. In this case, its combination with nanosprings turns the mattress into a stable and ergonomic support.

  • 7 Comfort zones pocket spring
    7 Comfort zones pocket spring

    The number of springs and the different firmness greatly increase the support spots of the mattress in 7 zones distributed along of this. In addition it improves the ergonomics and reduces the pressure spots on the body, which translates into a better blood circulation and a sleep without interruptions.