Alma Natura

Simple Nature


Terra is the ideal mattress for those people who look for a medium firmness since the pocket spring framework with
7 comfort zones covered with jute provides a stable base where the natural fibres rest.

Designed with a summer face composed of two generous layers of fresh cotton and the other face with wool, suitable material for winter due to its warmth.

Terra is the most firm mattress of Alma Natura, a stable and anatomical piece that gives a healthy and restorative rest.

The Terra mattress is designedd specially for those sleepers that look for a natural rest in a support more firm and ergonomic at the same time.

The core of Terra is composed by a core of pocket spring with 7 different comfot zones along the mattress. The core is covered with jute, material which is characterized by its low thermal conductivity and its moisture retention.

The materials that composed both faces are strategically placed for its using in summer or winter. One of the faces is ideal for summer since it includes cotton which is a great thermal regulator that absorbs moisture. The other face is recommended for winter since it includes wool which is characterized for keeping the natural heat.