Alma Natura

Adaptable Naturally


Fiore is synonymous of natural adaptability. The layers of natural latex which cover the core of the 7 comfort zones pocket spring, provide a soft and enveloping reception.

This is accompanied with a layer of small pocket springs on the top face that provides a progressive and very pleasant touch.

Fiore is a handmade piece for resting with natural materials whose composition makes it a mattress with a very soft reception. Fiore has some unique features: the combination of its materials makes it highly breathable and adaptable.

On the core, the union of microsprings, latex and pocket spring allow a perfect distribution of weights, which permits the omission of pressure zones and a creates proper independence areas.

Both faces, composed of natural materiales allow a great capacity of absorption of the moisture and freshness, ensuring a more dry and healthy rest: the linen is characterized by its freshness sensation, the cotton by its elasticity and breathability and the wool by its resistance.

Its accurate finish makes about the Fiore a sophisticated piece with a great beauty where you will enjoy the best of the rests.