Alma Natura

Like sleeping in heaven


The composition of more than 7000 springs provides a sensationof weightlessness at the level of the most demanding.

Thanks to the core of 7 comfort zones along with to the layers of latex and the outer layers of 38mm microsprings and 20mm nanospring, the inner of the Aeris mattress turns into a mattress with an extraordinary comfort and adaptability becoming a model with great quality and durability.

Aeris es the top mattress of our Alma Natura Collection. It combines natural materials and the best technology for resting, providing a mattress with a very soft reception that favours a natural and healthy comfort.

This unique handmade piece is totally adaptable to the sleeper body, removing the pressure spots, which translates into a better blood circulation and a restorative rest

The combinatin of different springs, nanospring, microspring and pocket spring together with latex on the core increases the durability of the mattress since the distribution of weights is larger and the core suffers less. Also, the more number of springs it has, the more independence, transpirability and comfort.

Both faces of the mattress are composed with natural materials: the linen is characterized by its freshness sensation, the cotton by its elasticity and breathability and the wool by its resistance.